Acrylic Domes, Sphere

Blanson manufactures high-quality pressure-rated acrylic domes windows as well as lenses and housings for submarines (military, tourist & personal) and other submersible vehicles.
- Viewports: Discs, Conical Frustum, Acrylic Domes, Sphere, Hemisphere
- Lenses: Flat, Concave, Convex, Corrected
- Housings: Tubular, Box, Domed

We have manufactured unique acrylic dome and spherical windows for many submarine applications with unrivalled quality and on-time delivery.

Where applicable, products manufactured and certified according to the following standards or approvals:
- BS EN ISO 9001-2008
- ASME PVHO-1-2012
- Det Norske Veritas (Approval of Manufacturer)
- Germanischer Lloyd (Certificate of Material Manufacturer & Shop Approval)

We have hosted successful inspection visits from American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas & Germanischer Lloyd.

Acrylic dome, sphere and hemisphere engineering at Blanson

Acrylic Dome (01)
Acrylic Dome (02)
Acrylic Dome (03)