Food Processing & Bubble Traps

Bubble Traps

Blanson manufactures acrylic components for the food processing industry that include bubble traps, acrylic wash columns and other components.

Acrylic Bubble traps prevent air bubbles from entering process chromatography columns, as well as reducing residual pulsation.

Wash columns are well suited for solid-liquid separation and ultra purification in melt-suspension crystallisation.

Our acrylic columns have USP Class VI certification thus satisfying stringent requirements of materials for biocompatibility, toxicity and extractables. For users in the food industry, purity, taste, smell, colour and extractables are critical criteria in the selection of materials for bioprocess equipment.

The food processing industry is moving away from the use of glass materials in favour of acrylic materials for its higher pressure rating and its resistance to chip or splinter. The catastrophic failures of glass components in food processing facilities results in high shutdowns and line reinstatement costs.

Our acrylic meets the Certificate of Toxicity compliance for FDA 21 CFR 177.1010 and thus may be safely used as components of articles intended for use in contact with food.

All materials used in production are Animal Free Origin & TSE Free.

We manufacture Acrylic Wash Columns, Tubes, Bubble Traps and more.

Copies of test results, accreditation and certification can be provided upon request.