Disposables Conference


Disposables Conference

Blanson is attending the 2nd Annual Disposable Solutions for Bio-manufacturing conference in London on 23 & 24 February 2010.

In the current economic climate, the ability of companies to deliver new bio-pharmaceutical products and processes to the market faster than the competition in an efficient and cost effective way will determine the future success in this sector.

The use of single-use disposable systems within bio-processing and manufacturing is one area that the bio-pharmaceutical industry is focusing on to speed up the process development as well as reduced manufacturing costs and risks.

Perceived benefits of single-use disposable systems include:
- Reduced Cross Contamination:
- Reduced or Removal of Cleaning Operations:
- Lower Capital Investment:
- Increased Batch Turnaround:
- Easier QA/QC

The aim of the conference is to identify areas for optimising bio-production processes by effectively applying disposable systems to capture cost benefits and increase facility flexibility.

Blanson is working with a number of bio-pharmaceutical companies to develop single-use disposable products in support of these industry-wide activities.